Travelandmed offers you a huge selection of optional educational programs of different duration for doctors.

TRAVELANDMED opens its online space and invites you to study medical English!

Our Medical English School is a licensed school that meets all the parameters of modern education. We do not just offer online courses involving independent language learning, but give full-fledged medical English lessons when the teacher and students work together to get 100% results.

Our advantages:
  • Classes with a teacher, not an online course
  • Individual approach
  • Qualified teachers
  • Professional literature


  • Basic Medical English Course

    Every medical professional should know this course! The course contains a large number of situational dialogues, medical terminology and grammatical explanations.

    During the course, students will learn a variety of medical vocabulary, improve speaking and listening skills, get acquainted with the main grammatical aspects and receive authentic information about the healthcare system of different countries.
  • Reading medical articles

    If you want to be a good specialist, then you must read in English!

    Our course offers filling an active dictionary with medical terms, familiarization with basic translation techniques and improving reading skills.
  • Intensive Grammar course

    The course covers the main categories of English grammar and allows you to understand the logic of constructing English sentences. If students want to speak English correctly, then this course is perfect for them.
  • Basic course of medical vocabulary

    The course is designed for those who want to fill their vocabulary with medical terms, learn how to translate medical articles and solve medical cases.

    During the course, students will learn basic medical terms, improve their spoken language and improve their pronunciation.
  • Initial Medical English course

    The course is for those who are just taking their first steps in English. The course will teach students the correct pronunciation of medical terms, basic dialogue, reading simple medical texts and basic grammatical rules.

    After completing the course, students will be able to read simple medical articles, correctly build sentences in English, talk on various topics with patients, improve listening skills and learn a large amount of medical vocabulary.
  • Medical English Club

    In the classroom, we will analyze the main communicative situations that arise at the reception, learn how to ask the right questions, master the structure of indirect questions, watch videos, fill our dictionary with active vocabulary. We will also expand our medical horizons and get acquainted with the medicine of the past, repeat the past tense, fill the dictionary with active vocabulary, argue about grandmother's recipes.
    Have time to take your place in the conversation club!
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