Личные данные

Ф.И.О.: Мария Мешкова
ВУЗ: Самарский государственный медицинский университет
Страница в соцсети: vk.com/id32058709

Данные о стажировке

Страна/город: Черногория/Подгорица


This summer I had my medical practice in Montenegro in Podrogica. It was my great fortune to work on the ambulance station. I was extremely impressed by the time I spent there. I guess that Emergency department is the best practice for a young student.

Certainly it was very interesting because you never sit still. There are constant calls from suffering people. You sit in an ambulance car, take a defibrillator, masks, crash cart, intubation tray and wait nervously. You don’t sit in the hospital looking at the watch, you go around the city. Sometimes we had challenges in the mountains in small settlements.

We had a large amount of cases like heart attack, respiratory arrest, status epileptics, fractures, burns, incised wounds, bites of scorpions and spiders, food poisoning. A statement of death is an inevitable part of work in the ambulance.  It seems that ambulance doctors should know all details of medicine. You walk into the house and see dying people. At that moment something changes in your mind. There are such different cultures, traditions, people, but they all have the same suffering.

I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude of the doctors! They are the people who really deserve respect! They are the people who are able to summon up courage and save the vulnerable human life.

Basically Montenegro has very responsive people. I was happy to communicate with the medical team. All doctors tried to explain me the case in all possible languages. At lunch they fed me national dishes. In the spare time we learned the Serbian language and I tried to teach them Russian. It was funny!

I lived in a student dormitory with medical students from different countries. Surely we had there a really cool time. We have traveled almost the entire country without sleep. I got acquainted to a lot of people. I didn’t have any free minute. We slept for four hours, but our impressions are worth it.

I really love Montenegro. This small country is rich in majestic mountains, winding rivers, warm sea and heartwarming people. I appreciate that I had my practice in this fairy country!