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Страна/город: Черногория/Монтенегро
Отделение: Хирургия
Даты: 01.08.15


Unforgettable Montenegro

The epigraph to my article is not accidental, because it is connected with my story. Almost one year I waited for my first exchange. This time was full of doubts in my success and diffidence. But with the support of my relatives and friends my dream came true! I want to share with you a part of amazing experience, which I have gained by the end of my professional medical exchange. My practice took place in unmatched, but unfortunately, not well known to me before country Montenegro! People say that, just a few days in the journey gain to you more skills than you could get it in a one year of ordinary life. It is important to note that in practice, I immediately saw the difference between the health care system of Montenegro and Russia. First difference is the hospital: medical and surgical department are located in the same building. Second is the attitude of doctors to students: during the round of patients doctors presented us as «colleagues from Russia,» which certainly was enjoyable. Montenegrins are very friendly people, opened and always ready to help, so the practice in the country was quite comfortable. My practice was held in the main medical care facility of the country «Klinicki centar Crne Gore» in the department of general surgery. Our working day began at 08:00 am in the operating unit. My colleagues from different countries and I watched the complicated surgeons manipulations, listened to their explanations and valuable advice trying to remember. We also visited the patients ward, saw the examinations and bandaging, and gave proof everything the MRI, ultrasound, patients ECG, helped in assisting surgeons during the operations. Undoubtedly, I got a great experience in communication with highly qualified professionals and patients by practicing English, because the majority of the hospital staff knows it excellent. Moreover, I explored cultural and natural wealth of the country as well as found friends from all over the world! About the health care system of Montenegro: in total there are 8 state stationary hospitals in the country, filled with all necessary equipment for the provision of medical care in various fields. Every citizen of the country has the right to get free medical care in case he has Montenegrin analogue of the Russian policy. Tourists can also get highly-qualified medical care, if only they have an insurance policy, but tall the examination are paid. For example, the insurance of dental care provision is valid for 3 months and cost 120 euro’s. To sum up, Montenegro and Russia have some similarities in the provision of health care system. Also, I would like to say a few words about the natural wealth of Montenegro! The whole territory of the country in comparison to Russia is very small! For example, Moscow region exceeds in size about 3 times! But I was surprised by the beauty of the country: beginning with the ancient towns whose history dates back to 108 BC and ending with a dizzying height of mountains and different blue shades of the sea! Traveling around the country is not difficult, as the distance between the main cultural and natural sights are relatively small. Has made on me the most powerful impression the old town of Kotor, it has the second largest fortress wall (the first is the Great Wall of China)! By the way, climbing on the wall was not easy, because it very was hot. We went 4,5 km to reach the top but the view of Kotor Bay worthed it! Another beautiful sight was the Dzhurdzhevicha Bridge across the river Tara, which is very similar to the bridge in the famous Harry Potter films! By seeing once the beauty of Montenegro, you realize that it is impossible not to come back here!